Beatitudes Prayer

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Lord Jesus, it is my heart’s desire to know you and to please you.  You are high and exalted and Your Name is holy.  Thank you for taking time to sit with me on the mountainside and teach me your ways. I am listening and I want to learn.  These are the keys to the Kingdom and I will use them to unlock the promises of God.  I pray that as I walk in Your likeness, I will be a light, shining in the darkness.  Because I choose to obey, I will be blessed with hope and joy.

I pray in Your name, that I will be poor in spirit, humble and meek. I will be merciful and make peace wherever I go.  I hunger and thirst for righteousness and it is my desire that my heart stays pure before you, Lord.  When I mourn, Your Spirit will comfort me and when I am persecuted for Your name’s sake, I will remember that because of it, the Kingdom of heaven is mine!  Hallelujah!


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