In the Breaking is Where Your Breakthrough is Hidden

In the Breaking is Where Your Breakthrough is Hidden

Forgive me for not having a happy and light-hearted greeting for you today, but my heart is torn.  I see so many people hopeless because of the battles they face.  So while my heart is heavy, it’s also full of hope because I have the answer.  I know the key to breakthrough and I’m going to share it here today.  I am speaking from experience because I know firsthand, the weight of God’s glory in the depth of the darkest valley, so you can believe what I say.

If I could physically take the things I’ve learned about the faithfulness of God out of me and plant them into you, I would do it!  I have no doubt that if I sat down with you and shared some of the things I’ve experienced in my life, you’d be blown away.  My story is great, but I want you to see God’s glory in your story.

I want to stress though that this has to be personal, it has to be your journey so that you’ll  have a testimony to share when it’s over.  Hearing the testimonies of others stirs faith in us but there’s something about it being yours that will stamp the name Jesus onto your heart forever.  It will take time, but I promise, if you don’t give up and if you trust God, you will see Him and you will know Him.

If you are willing to contend for your breakthrough,  keep reading.  If not, know that you could be missing the miracle that God has planted deep inside your struggle.  And know too, that this can’t be just a mental agreement, but a total abandonment to trust in God.


Matthew 6:33 is clear when it says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”  In the scriptures before this one, Jesus is telling us not to worry, reminding us that God takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.  That he knows what we need and that he will take care of us even more.  Isn’t that comforting??

Hold that thought for a second…did you notice the word “but” in the scripture?   It’s a clue that there is a responsibility on our end. Of course God loves to bless us, to heal us and to manifest his power so that we can see it.  But more than anything, he wants our hearts.  He wants us to see and know the wonder of HIM, to experience every facet of HIM.  And honestly, there are some things that can only be learned in the dark places.

Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  The word seek means to search for, to try to find, to ask for.  He wants us to search for him, to try to find him and to ask for him with all our heart.  When we do, we will find him.  You have to want him more than you want your need to be met.

When you get to that place, you will find your miracle.

What’s your heart crying out for today?  Is it for healing in your body?  For a wayward child?  A broken marriage?  Whatever it is, God is the answer.  You can trust him.  He knows what you need and has good plans for you.  My question is, what will you do in the waiting?  Will you let anxiety and worry consume you or will you crawl up into the lap of your Father and lock your eyes on his?  My hope is that you’ll do the latter because I want you to know him like I do.

Will you seek him?  Will you let what was designed to break you bring you to your breakthrough?

I pray that you do!  I’m praying that you take this message to heart and put it into practice.

If you need prayer, I’d love to pray for you, so don’t hesitate to ask.  You can email me privately at

Until next time, be blessed in the name of Jesus and thank you for being here!

XOXOXO, polly