Becoming People of Kingdom Purpose


Oh my goodness!  I’m so excited to be back at my computer, writing!  The past few months have literally been a blur.  We finished the remodel on our house and moved back in about a month ago, so we’re starting to feel less like zombies and more like humans-praise the lord!!  I never thought I’d be so happy about getting back into a routine.  Since the day I wrote my last post, Three Keys To Meeting Your Destiny,  ‘new season’ dreams and a renewed sense of purpose has filled my heart.  I’ve been counting down to the day that I could put them on paper and into action.  Bright and early today, I sent my goals for the week to my accountability partners, posted them on my fridge, did a little bit of exercise for the day and got the house clean so I could hit the ground running.

Then, I crashed.  My energy level and ‘new season motivation’ was nowhere to be found.  Per usual, distractions came out of the woodworks and the temptation to put everything off until tomorrow was strong.  More times than I’d like to admit,  I’ve given in to those thoughts and let myself lose focus.  NOT TODAY!  I told myself- out loud, “My feelings will not dictate my day!”

When Practical Meets Spiritual

I’ve heard it a million times…your body will do exactly what you tell it to and it will give up long before your mind will.  I believe it because something happened today when I told myself no.  It’s almost like I had to shut down the human part of me so that the spirit-led part could be, well, spirit-led!   I prayed and asked God for help.  I needed energy, inspiration and motivation.  Just like always, He showed up and here we are!

He had me to go back to the WHY.  Why do I write? Why is this part of my purpose?  Of all the ‘good’ reasons I could come up with, none of them held a candle to the real reason.  His sweet reminder stopped me in my tracks.

He gifted me with the ability to write, to bring glory to Him.

That one statement brought everything into perspective and immediately shifted my mindset.  Romans 11:36 says this, “For from him and through him and to him are all things.  To him be the glory forever.  Amen.”


Everything I do is FROM him and THROUGH him and TO him!  I love it!  This completely removes the pressure that keeps me spinning my wheels but never getting anywhere!  HE is the key! He created me, He decided what my purpose would be and He will bring it to completion,  for his glory.  All he needs is my surrender and my obedience.

It’s seems elementary but I bet that I’m not alone here.  It’s so easy to zero in on our agendas and our accomplishments, but friend, that’s a slippery slope.  The moment we think that we can do anything of value without God, we’ve allowed pride to take root.  If we do all the work and take all the credit, we’re missing the point.

To be people of Kingdom purpose, we have to keep the focus on Jesus and His mission.  Of course there are practical and meaningful reasons why we do what we do, but the core of our ministry-whatever God has us doing, has to be Jesus.  We’re fooling ourselves if we think we can have a lasting impact without Him.


…from him, through him and to him…  I pray that I never lose sight of it again!


Once I let all of that sink in, I thought, “When I have days like this and am tempted to put off the things I know I should be doing, I need mental triggers to get me back on track.”  This is what I came up with.

  1. We Are Here To Serve.  When our flesh comes up with a list of reasons we ‘can’t’, we have to remember, this isn’t about us.  It’s about the lives God has already planned for us to cross paths with.  He called us and trusts us to represent His Kingdom.  He needs us!
  2. Someone is Watching You.  Whether it be at work, in the grocery store or on a social media platform, someone is watching you.  In everything we do, we should make people curious, make them want what we’ve got!  We are to do everything as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23) and with a spirit of excellence.  Again, we are representing heaven!
  3. Don’t Give Up.   When you think about giving up, think about the person that inspires you.  The person that stokes the fire inside you and makes you want to do what they do.  Now think about this, what if they had given up before they made it to the spotlight, or what if they quit now?  Think of all the lives that would miss out on their influence.  The same goes for you! Don’t believe the lie that you won’t make it, you will!  God wants to do amazing things in and through you but you’ll never see it if you give up.

Becoming people of kingdom purpose is not about checking items off of a to-do list, it’s about staying focused on our WHY so we can be and do what God created us for! {HIS Glory}

We know that Iron Sharpens Iron, so let’s inspire each other!  Share with me how you keep yourself motivated.  Leave your ideas in the comment section!


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